In 2004, the company decided to expand its activities and not be limited to trading activities. In the same year, advanced equipment was purchased, which already in 2005 was launched at full capacity. In 2008, 3 drawing machines for wire production were launched in accordance with GOST 3282-74, and in the beginning of 2009, furnaces for annealing this wire. At the end of the same year, the installation of European equipment for the production of wire fiber was completed.

At the moment, the production of wire fiber on modern European equipment is set. The production site includes production lines:

The site is located on the production base, located in the village of Naryshkin, Uritsky district, Orel region. The staff of the production site consists of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the hardware industry. Production and products have the necessary certificates and licenses.
More detailed information about the products of the production site can be found in the corresponding section of the product catalog.