The “Ormetiz” Company was founded in October 2001.

Over the period of development of this Company it had proven itself as the stable and reliable supplier of the full range of metal goods.

Supply and sales of metal goods are made in the wide range that includes: wire, cable ropes, slings, grids, electrodes, fiber, fixing devices, nails, calibrated rolled stock, perimeter guarding means.

This Company is the partner of the biggest manufacturers of metal goods, which are “Severstal-Metiz”, “Mechel-Metiz”, “MMK-Metiz”, Belarus Metallurgical Plant, etc.

The Company’s manufacturing subdivision includes the wire production line, wire annealing furnaces, and lines for production of single-base and double-base barbed wire, spiral razor wire, cable and textile slings, and steel wire fiber.

“Ormetiz” performs the supply of barbed wire, spiral razor wire and BVWN (barely visible wire nets) for RF Ministry of Defense. The activity of “Ormetiz” had been highly appreciated by the Procurement Department of FSB of Russia.

The Company endeavours to maximum satisfaction of customer demands by rendering the set of services. Upon the customer’s order we will consolidate the cargo and perform the product delivery. For consumers of cable ropes we are ready to make the unwind of cable rope of a desired length.

The Logistic Service of “Ormetiz” is always ready to perform the product delivery as soon as possible directly to the consumer by any kind of transport.