Slings and accessories

Wire rope cargo slings are made of steel wire ropes of high strength. Steel wire rope slings are used to attach the cargo to the hooks of lifting machines for handling of oversize and heavy cargo. Wire rope slings are used to lift the stone slabs, sawn timber, pipes, different parts, construction products and structures, equipment and tare. It is necessary to apply the slings corresponding to the weight and type of cargo. Slings may be used within the wide temperature range: from −40°С to +100°С.

TU 3150-003-55355374-05

Wire rope cargo slings

Application: cargo handling and transportation

Steel wire rope slings are very reliable and capable to withstand the sharp dynamic loads. When performing the loading and unloading works, it is necessary to monitor the condition of slings and to reject the slings timely if their wire rope begins to destroy.

The „Ormetiz” Company proposes the multi-legged wire rope slings and the universal wire rope slings. The multi-legged wire rope slings consist of several individual legs secured on a single common link. This type of slings is used if it is necessary to hook the cargo in several different points. The multi-legged slings are used to lift the extra heavy cargo.

Operation of slings must be performed in accordance with the requirements of Regulations on Installation and Safe Operation of Cargo Cranes, as well as the operation manual developed by the crane operating plant in respect to the local conditions of cargo handling by cranes.